TradePower introduces

A Frictionless Token Swap Experience

Compare and Swap ERC20 tokens instantly.
Pool any ERC20 Token with another ERC20 Token
Automated Liquidity Pools deployment
Fees Injected back into pool and portion shared with TDEX holders
Removing central points of failure
Hosted Dashboard with Investor tools and profit reports
Access all DEX liquidity in one place.
web3 compatible
Avoid Price slippage
Swap ERC20 tokens swiftly across all liquidity pools
Cross chain swapping planned for V2


Total Supply: 8.7M TDEX
Circulating Supply: 2.7M TDEX
TDEX Stake: 3 Million TDEX (Dapp contract locked and released via staking rewards)
Team and Marketing: 2 Million TDEX (Locked) 50K released weekly.
Uniswap Liquidity: 30% added at launch August 21st (Locked)
Treasury: 2 Million TDEX - Liquidity for CEX's and additional uniswap liquidity via private sale.


Tradepower Dex is a protocol on the ethereum chain, eliminating the need for centralized exchanges. Here, you can exchange freely without the need for order books, buyers or sellers. TDEX holders will receive dividends paid in TDEX by locking liquidity into TDEX vault. You will receive 0.1% of all protocol fees if you are a TDEX holder. TDEX staking dapp offers 25% staking APY.

In short, no. Tradepower Dex is our token and Tradepower Dex is our Exchange but the two are certainly related.

Tradepower Dex token is our ERC-20 token. TDEX owners earn a share of the protocol fee whenever a transaction takes places on the TDEX exchange. There is also a staking app with 25% APY

We’re first listing on Uniswap on August 21st, 2020. You could buy your tokens there, and we’re adding our token to more exchanges too.

Pre-sale went live on August 15th until August 21st. On August 21st, we will list on Uniswap and add ETH liquidity.
Browse the site here for more information.
Total tokens for sale: 13 million tokens
Price: 10,000 TDEX = 1 ETH
Minimum Buy: 0.2 ETH Max Buy: 20 ETH
Min Cap: 200 ETH
Hard Cap: 1300 ETH
Uniswap Liquidity: 30% added at launch August 21

Total Supply: 20M TDEX
Pre-sale Allocation: 13M TDEX
Team and Marketing: 2M TDEX (Locked)
Total tokens for sale: 13M TDEX
M = Million = 1,000,000

2M tokens will be locked by the team

The team has voted to stay anonymous due to present day cryptocurrency regulations in most parts of North America. However, for the purpose of exchange listings and product partnerships, the team has voted to reveal their identity to the concerned party. A brief summary of our team member’s previous project experience can be found on the website with pseudo names.

We believe you should not only use our exchange, but also hold some of our tokens to maximize your leverage. A few of the many benefits of using TDEX exchange are:
- Hosted dashboard with investor tools and profit reports on one single screen.
- Access all DEX liquidity in one place.
- Avoid price slippage to maximize your buying token value.
- Compare and swap instantly with a frictionless token swap experience.
- Fees generated are injected back into the pool and shared with all TDEX token holders.
- Cross chain swapping in the works, proposed for V2

The transaction fee will be 0.3% per transaction. All TDEX token holders will receive 0.1% of transaction fees. There is a delicate balance here. We want to charge as little transaction fees as possible to reward traders on our exchange but high enough so that our token holders and stakers retain value in the token.

No. The exchange is completely decentralized so there is no need to hold the token. However, holding the token earns you transaction fees and allows you to stake the token with a 25% APY bringing increasing value with every transaction.

Yes. As long as you add equal liquidity for both pairs, you can add liquidity to an existing pool or create a new pool.

The only fee you have to pay is gas fee. After that, you will receive transaction fees whenever someone makes a trade using your token pair.

You may pool any ERC-20 token with another ERC-20 token. That said, always be sure which token you are trading by confirming the token contract address. Since anybody can create an ERC-20 token address and a token pool, it is very likely that scammers might use this to create false token pairs. Adding this one extra step will save you from the consequences of trading a phony token pair. This is the price for a decentralized exchange and being pro-active will certainly give you some peace of mind while trading on any decentralized exchange.

The team has voted to keep all code under lock until launch and listing to prevent other developers from shadowing our code and launching a rival. More details will be shared in the coming weeks, in the meantime we believe it is critical that this is kept confidential since we foresee other competitors replicating our idea. All of our code will be available on GitHub sooner than you think. Join our discord if you have any questions specifically for our developers.

Yes, the exchange is web3 compatible.